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This was so nice <3


I kind of want a tomato pin irl now

this game is a good reason to live :)

Hello! i had a lot fun playing this game its interesting and i especially love the art style of this game because it really does match the tone of the game alongside with the music! also here is a lets play of your game i hope you enjoy!

Love the  thumbnail lol

lowkey wanna marry Gakuto ngl (~^ 3 ^)~ 

(sorry not sorry lol)

i enjoyed this so much! the art style was so cute and i kept laughing at lum’s expressions and reactions. i got emotional when donating blood too and actually used the stop button at first. i think it’s really amazing the game could make me feel that anxiety even though its not “real”.

i want to be gakuto’s friend.

I jumped on the opportunity to play this game so fast XD. I love every game I've played by npckc and this game is no exception🥰. It's so cute, the characters are very real, and there's  a little something to take away from playing this. I can't praise it enough play this game!🤗

I made a playthrough too if you wanna see my personal reaction for yourself🤷‍♀️

This was such a cute game!


This game was really awesome. I wanted to get all endings and it really hurt me. Marie's sad face was unique. Gakuto got a nice story as expected from npckc. Really, it was awesome. Characters are good and you catch a like to them pretty easily. Well done.

D'AWWW THIS WAS SO CUUUTTEEE. I wanna be a member of the tomato club now!! I loved Marie! And I especially loved Gakuto!! The ending scene with him got me in the feels. 

Thank you for making this sweet game!! 


Honestly let me give gakuto a kith


This was such a cute game! I really want an actual Tomato Club pin now lmao. I really enjoyed how Lum went through the process of learning about vampires, their needs, and their culture - it reminded me a lot of educating people about LGBT lifestyles (especially that bit about it "not being something you can catch"). 

This is such a cute and wholesome game. I love everything about it

ahh this game is so adorable!!!! i'm so in love with every single one of your games, i can't wait for whatever you come up with next! <3

we all know it's called tomato clinic because  it's totally just tomatoes and not blood.

good game!

This was so cute! I got really excited when you first posted about this, and I'm glad it was worth the wait! You always make such amazing games and I can't wait to see what you make next!


such a cute and wholesome experience! lowkey makes me wish vampires existed lol

Heck, I am excited to play!

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