TOMATO CLINIC out in french & german!

hello! TOMATO CLINIC is now also available in french & german (: it has been very interesting seeing the different nonbinary pronouns used in different languages.

TOMATO CLINIC est désormais disponible en français, merci à John Madness pour la traduction, et à Lokyos, Aliencafe et Lilfe pour la relecture.

TOMATO CLINIC ist jetzt auch auf Deutsch! Vielen Dank an Marshmelieee.

you can download the game here 🍅

Files 47 MB
Version 1.04 Oct 25, 2020
tomatogame-1.04-linux.tar.bz2 35 MB
Version 1.04 Oct 25, 2020 29 MB
Version 1.04 Oct 25, 2020


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