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languages: english / 日本語


you are polly chan. your mom is teaching you how to make tong jyun over a video call because your chinese isn't good enough to read the recipe she linked.


湯圓 [tong jyun] is a little chat about cooking & culture. play as polly chan, a chinese american whose only knowledge of chinese comes from speaking with her mom at home and the saturday school lessons she didn't really pay attention to. help her make tong jyun to celebrate the lantern festival even though she doesn't even know how to write tong jyun in chinese.

made for the lantern festival.

support this chat for $3 or more for a little collection of photos from the game (+1 extra photo not in the game). 



story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi
sfx by pocket sound

special thanks to cloverfirefly, my patreon supporters, & my wonderful mom


other things i've worked on can be found here! you can comment right here or on twitter with your thoughts. 

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featured in

  • elo 2021 - kids e-lit
  • melbourne queer games festival 2021: technical achievement award


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Version 1.0
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Version 1.0
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It's a very cute game with a nice story. It kinda made me want to cook the soup while playing the game. I also liked the breathing excercise. <3

this was delightful! the last moments made me want to cry, it's so heartfelt and sweet. the conversations and video calls with polly chan's mom remind me a lot of learning to cook from my own mom- stressful at times, but rewarding to accomplish.

This was really cute! The dialogue was all so natural and good and you captured so many subtle emotions. I definitely want to learn how to make tong jyun myself after playing :)

heart warming, thank u for this game.


This is so sweet, and it really spoke to me as a woman with an Asian wife. Now I want to try tong jyun!


Haven't gotten the time to play yet, but so nice to see Canto culture in games :) Thank you for making this!


Even though it isn't sad I ended up crying at the end. I don't know why but... I guess I just long for a mother like that and a girlfriend like Marina. Thanks for making this little game <3

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I loved this game, so cute~ Now i want to try to bake tong jyun too ^^ !

(1 edit) (+1)

Bake!? I haven't played this game but baked tong jyuns are a first to me


I'm not an english native speaker, maybe i should have said "cook" instead of "bake" 😅


haha, no worries I figured it was some kind of typo anyways


this game was so cute!! honestly hit so close to home it felt so warm and fuzzy!! 


What a wonderful game. Like a warm hug for the soul. Thank you for making it! 

I felt all the feelings. <3

If anyone is interested in a live playthrough with ~~emotions~~, I played this on a stream. 


What a lovely and wonderful little game <3 That's the content, I'm here for. Thank you for creating it. 

I wrote a German review about this little gem: https://gamers-palace.de/tong-jyun-pc-im-test-ein-zauberhaftes-erlebnis/


Very cute and funny hopefully my viewers love it! 

This was so adorable!


I just stumbled across this while looking for new VNs and this is aDORABLE.  Short, sweet, was worried about some potential family blowups since that always seems to happen with family but everything was so cute!  Thanks for making it.  Slice-of-Life stuff is always wonderful to see.  (also relationship goals.)

this was a good game and the end was cute I'm so glad i found this cute game!


I Loved This!

Your Games Always Cheer Me Up :)

Thank You For Making Such Amazing Things.


your games are always so neat and sweet!!!! i loved this one so much aaa i love to see people make really inventive games with ren'py... SO WONDERFUL <3 thanks for making it!!

made an account to comment on this, but it really makes me happy to see a small game with an asian protag who only knows some of their native language from home because it's the same thing for me- anyway that's it iduhdvxbnji i really like the game!!

don't really have family chat but this is still very relatable, love your games as always


Been advertising this to my friends as "literal Cooking Mama for the holiday and also you're gay." It felt so good to view/play super-relatable media like this. How do you knock it out of the park every time?

This game is very cute and also very relatable, especially navigating the family group chat in Chinese haha

This was really cute and heartwarming!! It made me want to try making them for the next festival :')

This struck me hard, being, uh, basically Polly Chan in real life. Thank you for making this.

Happy Lantern Festival! Also it was really fun reading the chats in Chinese! This is a very cute game haha

Happy Lantern Festival~  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 

another lovely game ^^

You have a knack for turning seemingly banal activities into beautiful stories. I wish i knew how do you do it! :)