"two girls make a game" korean translation + accessibility menu!

hello! two girls make a game now has a korean translation thanks to KyleHeren.

<two girls make a game> 이 이제 한국어를 지원합니다!
번역해주신 @KyleHeren 님께 감사드립니다

the game also now has an accessibility menu thanks to ren'py's new built-in menu that allows users to change the font/font size/line spacing, as well as self-voicing options. the menu can be opened by pressing A in the game.


parfaitgame-linux.tar.bz2 21 MB
Apr 08, 2019
parfaitgame-mac.zip 15 MB
Apr 08, 2019
parfaitgame-win.zip 16 MB
Apr 08, 2019

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