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This is more of a poem than a game, but the message is lovely.

this is so cute

beautiful! so smart & simple <3

I am dough and my friends the crust.

loved it!

beautiful game that made me cry :)

Aw! What a sweet game! I liked it.

that was beautiful. i am dough.

Silly game, could be an ending screen. 8/10

You're all the best doughs <3

i love this was dough going through an existentail crisis

you must be bread crab

this made me tear up!

b r e a d

aww loved it !!

beccame bread

proud of being MEbread

ty i am bread



*tears rolling down my face* I-I'M NOT CRYING

so sweet (like sweet bread :)

Adorable philosophical idea! Very short though.


This was very cute!

to put it simply? beautiful.

it is fast, but stilll beautiful 

this is really sweet :)

This game make me feel better, thanks :}

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Hegelian dialectic: thesist dough + antithesist stuffs = synthetist bread

I am become bread.

this is art. got me crying which i didn't expect from a short game but im happy it did

it wont play, please help!

i thought it was a simple bread game, got into philosophy instead

I am food. I am bread.

Arn't we all.

"that was so cool" - my friend


it was meant sincerely

Beautiful. This an masterpiece like no other. Emotional, yet simple.

Why did this make me cry?!

This game is so cute! Thanks <3

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this entire game makes me say thats what she said-

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