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Such a cute little but reflective game!

i am bread, i like this

i may not be the crustiest bread and I may still have many bubbles in me but nonetheless I am still bread

Took me way to long to realize this was not just about bread

Can a video game convey a metabolic process?


simple yet a reflection on our everyday lifes 

im happy to be a bread :)

this is everything i ever wanted, im gonna go cry now

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i became bread

i am bread

Oh, I grew up and became bread. Very nice.

holy- i thought this would be a silly little game but it was in fact not and now i'm crying :D

I indeed was dough. Love the game! Played it on my channel but accidentally had the sound off!

prequal to i am bread lmaooooo

this is a very heartwarming game, keep up the good work

this is lovely! i never thought being a bread could be so heartwarming!!

Super cute simple little game.  I love it!

heartbreaking, now i'm bread

am bread :]

So beautiful! What a nice poem about working towards becoming.


Nice game!

very good art, I love bread

I've always wanted to be bread

The wrath of dough...

so very lovely!

what a wonderful game to stumble upon, and it looks like one i was meant to hear right now. i am bread!

I am bread.

I am... bread!

This was chill and relaxing to play . I enjoyed it.



I absolutely love this!

this is very peaceful!

That was wonderful and sweet!


This was really cute! i shared this with my friend and it felt like a nice poem !! 

This made my day! I was having a bad day before this. This short but sweet experience made me feel much more grounded.

very cute!

first yippeee

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