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i may be more of a coffee person but i've never wanted a cup of tea more! this was such a sweet and simple game! super lovely!!!

this game was so lovely, thank you


Loved it :)

I loved the dialogs and everything

But i definitely want some more of that tea after that ending! I wish it was a series

Whimsical and cute !

i loved the awkward moments they shared and how both of them just wanted to talk to eachother.Its defiantly  one of my favourites! 


It won't allow me to use any ingredient more than once. How am I supposed to make the super sour drink if I can't use all Tangy Berries?!


happens to me too. :/
anyone knows why is that?

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Im loving it! Your games are amazing!!! The dinamic and the tone is just right!

If anyone reads this, come see me read with my awesome voice! >:3


I played this on my phone and OMG, I love the story so much.


very cute game! i'm a sucker for the "i'm not supposed to like you because *insert reason here* but i do anyway" dynamic. also wish i could make all those tea combinations in real life!

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The dialogue seems to be TOO realistic and it kind of drags on in some places instead of forming part of a narrative. Like for example the excessive amount of times people interrupt each other on accident, or excessive pauses during dialogue... ... ... ... or repeating of information. These are realistic but not useful for telling a story in a game. Luckily there is that awesome fast forward button for multiple playthroughs but the writing could be refined so that such a thing isn't needed.

Everything else was spot on though. I love VNs that have mini games like this. The art work is great and the music is pleasant. 


Id love to see more of your games! And maybe make it even gayer- I mean what did I say- Anyways, I love all your games and to realise I've almost played it all without knowing it was from the same creator! Keep making your games, I adore them all.


I love the character, I love the tea recipe, I love the story

the concept is cute >< i really like it..


I really loved playing this game, it's so cute and engaging! I couldn't stop playing it since I've started it.

I loved the story and the characters, if you guys make a sequel I'd happily play it! (I need to see more about my shipp :3)

love your games!

they are just so cute!


SO GOOD and when i was tryna figure out the sour drink thingy i made me own notes just because,  loved all the names of the teas lol great game <3


Playing on Android and I got to the end where you now have a moon on your door. Is there anything else to do or is that it? Tried clicking on everything but nothing does anything, is the only thing left to do is to reset your progress and play again? 

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Oh! This game looks neat! It's a visual novel. huh. Oh! It was a Jam Game, what jam was it fr-


I love all your games. They are so damn cute it's almost unbearable for my heart.

The concept is really cool and I love the characters.


I got stuck in a loop, it's the night the horns and the adventurer meet for the second time (i think) does anyone know how to fix this?

sooo good




I really like the game so far I just can't get the last note!


Try using more than one of one ingredient


okay i loved thisssssssss.  

my qs tho: what about the first love,sweet and sour love, last love tea concoctions? do we get to use theemmmm T_T<3


I want make the tavern keeper my teacher.

Lovely game, i really enjoyed it !

I'm up for more !


I've got all the 6 notes and I've got the ending

I didn't expect that the owner is a-- o_o  (i'm afraid this comment will be a spoiler if I say that D':)

The ending is very sweet tho ;)


just downloaded this game so far its really cute but i cant make the right tea to get horns and the adventurer to talk can somebody help me out please?


tangy berries. ALL THE TANGY BERRIES

Lovely little game. It's fun and relaxing, i loved the brewing mechanic 


I love it! Please make more for this series? Beautiful art, and great story


I'd also love to play more in a series of these games - this was great and an interesting mechanic for discovering the whole story :)

I adored this game! I convinced my friends to play and was really sad when I got my phone stolen because I thought I couldn't play (and of course the other obvious reasons) but I just found it here ande decided to download all your games! Thank you so much, npckc.


it doesn't work, tells me to extract files over and over and I do and then when I try to run it says it doesn't work

It worked! Took a while but it did!

stopped working :(

Such a cute, fun, clever little game! And I absolutely adore the art style. Incredibly enjoyable, 10/10 would play again.

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당신은 안드로이드 장치를 위해 하나를 만들 수 있습니까?

Can you make one for Android devices too?

The game is available for Android here!

This was both super cute and easy to play - and very engaging. It was such a cool concept (the magic) and hearing the bits and pieces of the story outside the tavern leaves just enough for the imagination. Very good game!

Really enjoyed this :) I would love to see an expanded game in this same fantasy universe!

This was such a refreshing game to play :-) heartwarming and I got to make tea 10/10 will play again next time I need a reminder that things can be good.

Short and sweet. Loved it!

A really clever game that seems short at first, but really shines the more you play. I enjoyed seeing all the possible tea combinations that were available as well!

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