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aa i played the second one first without knowing owo 

luv the art though! <3


I found this game to be very enlightening on the challenges faced by transwomen :)

Aside from that, I found a typo in one of the scenes, specifically when Erika says, 'Want do you want?', which you can change to' 'What do you want?'.

Here is the scene in question for your reference


oh thanks for catching this! i'll change it in the next update


No problem, happy to help :)

Very lovely. The art style is so wonderfully delicate, and the dialog choices felt like they really allowed me to explore. Thank you for making this!

I dunno if you'll see this, but I just wanted you to know I found this game a couple weeks ago (on the google store--) and this game is the first of yours I found and it really made me fall in love with your games! On the store I only found this, the sequel, Lilac and Her Light, and A Hero and A Garden, so I was a little sad that was all, but I was looking around here and I came across a few familiar faces so I thought, 'why not check out their account here?' and I'm so, so, so glad I did, cause now there's all these games from you and I really can't wait to play and I just wanna say I really love your art style and your design style and just everything about your games!! 


Sorry for wasting your time, I just really felt I had to say something and let you know I love your games ^^;;


thanks for the comment! i haven't been able to port all my games to android so i'm glad you were able to find my games here. 

thank you for this game :,)


[brazillian person, bad english alert] 

man, what a nice game.

I can't tell exactly what I felt while playing it.  I told my friend about it and she saw herself as Haru. I guess it explains a lot about the topic, showing points of view and making us understand how trans people feel about situations and some questions.  

The art is very cute too.

I feel bad for not having money to help the creator, tho... but I really enjoyed their work. I hope they make more and more cute games like this.

Deleted 1 year ago

I wouldn't say perfect, but they do talk like a native speaker.


What a lovely game. My girlfriend and I are both transgender so this story really speaks to me. It was a wonderful story, I adore Haru very much and I am glad she got to go into the hot spring. <3

Super cute and wholesome, i really enjoyed this game, its art,its story and everything else.

even tho i accidentally stumbled onto this game, it was so good that i HAD to make an account to comment!!

the art is super cute & the plot(?) (sorry, i dont know much about games ^^;;) helped me experience a new perspective! thank u so much for making this game :D <3

This was such a delight to play. It felt personal and intimate in a way that can be hard to achieve. Haru's experiences and feelings are clearly her own, but it's also clear that they probably aren't very unusual. (And the art style! I ooh'd and aah'd all the way through at the cute art.)

Thank you for making and sharing it!

Hi npckc, 

I just wanted to say, thank you for making this game. It's just the type of game I've really come to admire: small events offering deep and sensitive reflections on real life issues and concerns. I could feel the weight of every question that was imposed onto Haru and found it a very powerful storyline to play through.

I think it's important for players to realise that it is set in Japan and present Japanese characters and customs, so interpretations of this VN should be considerate of this cultural distinction. Thank you again npckc for this sensitive exploration into the life of a transgender girl. (My sister and I recorded a video of our read through and comments.)

This artstyle is perfect. Can't wait to play this.



This is a beautiful game. So sweet, so cute.


What a sweet game~  I got all the endings, but I think that my favorite is the Erika 2 end.  I really like the art too!

As someone who has similarities to Haru, thank you for writing this.

So cute and beautiful! Such a sweet way to teel the story <3 


So many languages! Wow!!


I was happy to play it with Korean! really cute and heartwarming game.

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I've tried to play the game many times but this message keeps showing up, Please help!!

try pressing more info and running the game from there.

Esse jogo é muito bonito. Adorei a história e achei que vocês abordaram as dificulades dos transgêneros e homossexuais da maneira correta. Recomendo a todxs!

Such a charming little game. I loved the interactions between all the characters! Really lovely work on this.


As a transgender woman and IT specialist I want to thank you for writing this.  It makes it emotionally easier to write my own characters seeing it already done so well.

This game is so cute! its really good!

You should check the windows checkmark in the windows version options so it can be easily downloaded from the itch app, it doesn't recognize it as it is and says there is no available windows version :S


fixed! thanks for letting me know ♥


Great game... I like it...

hmm I want to translate it on Indonesian too. As you know, Indonesian language isn't a language option on Steam but I will try it to get perfect results


thanks! if you would like to translate the game, xould you please send me a message here:


Gosh, this game... 

I knew it existed vaguely but kinda forgot about it until my girlfriend reminded me a couple weeks ago, suggesting I play it to get over my own anxiety of entering women's public changing rooms and locker rooms and showers and such. That anxiety runs pretty deep and even prevents me from going into clothing stores or the women's clothing aisle in supermarkets. 

But this short, sweet game about a trans girl like myself spending time with her friends and getting to have fun, it was nice. I didn't go for all the endings, because the ending I got playing through the second time, which was Erika End 2, was probably the most satisfying one for me. 

Thanks for making this game, for blessing the world with cuteness and a safe way to experience anxiety all trans people face.

Ditto - to it all :)

Great game indeed. I got the Erika ending, and I loved it! Hope to see more of your wonderful games in the future! :)


This is a truly beautiful visual novel, for people who lack knowledge or an understanding, I think this could help. It highlights struggles  that transgender people go through. It's in a sense, an educational visual novel. It's very sweet, fun, and heartwarming. I really could rant about how lovely this visual novel is but I won't. I highly recommend this visual novel, I think a lot of people will enjoy this.



I'd like to propose you a collaboration. Can I have your mail address?


good game

éste juego es genia!!!

Hey congrats on making it to steam!


Thank you for this wonderful game, i found myself so deep in Haru's shoes, it was rather hard to continue some parts as it was uncomfortable to answer questions I had not thought about myself. It was a great game and I'm glad it was made it gives me a way to talk to other people about being trans and anxieties that come with it. 


i'm sorry that some parts made you feel uncomfortable but i'm glad you liked the game!


It's ok, it was the kind of uncomfortable that helped me to grow as a person. It got me to think of things about myself and my experience as MtF.


Sorry i had a question
With which software did you build this game?

the game is made in ren'py, an open source visual novel engine! 

i wish i had the software to download this!! it sounds so amazing. I always want to support content by and for queer folx. lots of love.


This game.... As a trans man, this game really spoke to me. The experience of every hot spring, public pool, bathroom, put into this adorable visual novel that everyone- even those who have never had that dilemma- can play, relate to, and understand some of the problems.... It's kinda sappy, but I nearly cried near the ending. It does get better. And I hope that Haru, our hero, has a wonderful life. 

Such a great game! Really good game if you love novels or comic. Recommended to try. This is my game play in Malay language. Thanks developer!
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