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I absolutely loved this game! only got one ending so far, but it's really amazing! Haru is basically me, so I really felt a connection with the characters!


This game really deals with the nuances of the trans experience in a great way, and has a super cute art style to boot. I almost died when the phone beeped heh. <3 Awesome work. 


This game is soooo cute! :D 

And I like how it portrays a trans woman in a happy situation, while still addressing the struggles and worries that might come from being trans.

Such a pleasant atmosphere too, this is the perfect game to play when I feel stressed out. Thanks for sharing this, I really liked this game! <3


I played it last night and got four different endings; when I relaunched it today, my gallery progress was gone!

Any idea how to prevent this from happening?

hmm the game should save after you unlock a new ending. would you mind telling me what platform you're playing on?

Mac OS X High Sierra, latest update.

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when you go to ~/Library/RenPy/ on your computer, do you see a folder for this game, and if you do, can you tell me whether there is save data inside? there should be a persistent save file that includes the save data for what endings you have seen.

Not from this game, as far as I can tell. I have two files in the "persistent" folder, and no folder or file named after this game.

hmm, unfortunately I'm not sure why. do the two files in the 'persistent' folder look as if they have been created around the same time that you played this game? 

one suggestion I can make is to have a folder called "Ren'Py Data" in the root folder where the unzipped game folder is, and renpy should automatically save the save files there, but that won't bring back the saves you've lost.

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I love the art style

Are you inspired by Sinks Adventure?

Also if you ever need music or sound effects in the future I would love to help out


i don't know sink's adventure, but i looked it up and the art looks really lovely!

i would definitely love to have help with music/sound effects in the future since it's not something i have much experience with. if the chance comes up, how should i contact you? 


if you have Discord mine is: jimmy#1291

or email me at:

thank you! i might not work on a new project for a while but i'd love to take you up on the offer if i have the chance.


my pleasure :)

portfolio if you're interested

i've actually heard your stuff on twitter before which is why i'd really love the chance!


I really enjoyed the story and game play.

If you plan to support more languages, please feel free to let me know. I can do English=>Korean translation. (


this is such a kind offer, but somebody has already offered to translate to korean! I really do appreciate it though, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

Wow, great! I'm looking forward to play the Korean version! Gook luck!


This was so sweet! I'll have to try and get the other endings later on. (^-^)

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I managed to get all the endings! I did like that the endings required some effort and thought to get decision making-wise. It's really good that every choice does seem to matter in some small way, or at least feels that it does. Personal favorite ending was Erika 2. I want to hug her. I streamed the game and all its endings with some silly commentary. Keep up the great work as always. :D

(Definitely play the game yourself first though before watching this though!)


thank you for such a cute & lovely video! your support is always so kind. 


this game is so cute, thank you for making it! i really liked it. id love to hear how to get to the good end? i managed to get all the other ones but the good end ^^

hint: for the good end don't spend as much time with erika or manami! 


This is super good; I'll check the other endings later but I got Erika End 2 and had a nice experience, speaking as a trans woman. I appreciate how natural the conversations between characters felt and how they discussed issues involving trans folk (in Japan, in particular. I think it was important to share that perspective and clarify the differences elsewhere in the world... even if things aren't exactly the best for us anywhere ;;). Thank you for creating this.


I haven't even played this yet and I'm already excited as heck!

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