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Do you think you might make an android version as well?

there already is of this its not listed here tho but you can search it up on the play store

That was amazing.. I love this game :') 

Thank you for making this <3

this was very sweet !! i cried a little bit because i can relate, haha. the art style is so cute too <3

This game its just amazing

This game is super cute and heartwarming in every way possible. I love it.

it got removed when i downloaded this idk why

i started crying,this is so cute


i love this game!!


Super cute!!!


The game was very heartwarming!! So cute!!!


Manami is so sweet


This game was lovely! The art style is so cute and the storyline is amazing!! 


I just have something to say, it's incredible! greetings from Mexico


It was really sweet, and I liked it a lot. I got the "Erika end 2", sadly I don't have the patience to try getting all the others, but I definitely enjoyed this, thank you for making it.


Looks like I finally played this game, The storyline is Great and sad, I wanted say the drawing is just *chef kiss* no point in this comment, just wanted to say I admire the art style alot. lol


What a beautiful story, characters, and art style! Thank you for making this and sharing it with all of us!

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the aftermath of me and my friend playing this game  was absolutely amazing


i love this game so much! it's very thought-provoking and heart-warming and cute art style goes along very well with it. thank you so much for making this!

This is awesome! Is there any chance we can get an option for japanese with furigana in the future?

sorry, no plans to add furigana in the future!

this looks fun! could someone give me a brief summary of it? no spoilers ofc, just wanna see what its about (i made a mistake watching the diner)


absolutely amazing


cute and beautiful at the same time


my Fanart of Haru :)



thank you very much :)


i love it

Thank you so much :) I am glad to see it is loved :)


ur welcome :)



really cute game and interesting to see a little how a transgender life can be, i dont know how it is  to be transgender but the part 'dont belong ' or 'dont fit in' can be said for other differences in the society ..this i do know very well and it can be a pain from kindergarden to high school or even adult life 


I cried a litte in the end :(( This game is so cute and sweet and the art is really good, I loved. 


"Do you have the world's lowest self esteem?" She said was i was thinking the whole time. 


Just wanted to let you know I featured your story in the latest episode of my podcast, "Is This Game Queer?" The episode is here if you're interested. Thank you for making such an adorable, thought-provoking game!

Just picked up this game, so far the first story is perfect with choices to made as well I'm really enjoying it npckc keep up the good work. One of the best experiences i have had with video games.

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Thanks for making this short story.

Like Rednaxelus, I liked above all that everyone in this game makes mistakes, and only out of venial misunderstandings rather than malice; each character has traits (and romantic feelings tangled up with them) that could likewise lead to good or bad effects on another.

And I took the choices I'd have taken, and I also got Erika 2 as my first ending (and after having seen them all, I still liked it best). I think this isn't a coincidence -- your design works.

"The people that don't fit in will never fit in." All I have to add is:

That's not just true for high school. Rather, it's the Path of Now and Forever from Earth to Groombridge. Like Haru, I've found this belief more liberating than bleak. There's always some who do truly care who you are, in brightness or in error.

Yours, Vidfa

Very nice dialogue, art style, music, and generally the entire game is amazing!(2 best games in the world : tomato clinic , one night hot springs

Very good game, warm feelings all around

Thank you for making this. It made me feel a little better about everything :)

Adorable game! <3

Very cute game

Lol I got all the endings! It was a nice game and I love the art style :)


super sweet! i love trans people


aaa this is such a good game !  I love the graphics and characters but i just cant seem to get the bad ending ........  but still ,  i love this game a whole lot !


may be super late but the key to it is giving up on the family baths then saying that they were okay when asked if you went


I just finished playing the game, and I really like it!
I mean... it's not about explosions or the end of the world. It's not about challenging enemies or outwitting your foes.
Instead, it's quiet. I'm very tempted to call it relaxing. But it's... relatable.

I'm not sure how to describe it, but the game is nice. The art style is charming, and the music fits perfectly as well. But the part I appreciate the most: Are the endings. (There might be spoilers for those who haven't played the game, so I'll try to be vague.)

Of course, good endings are enjoyment, and friends are cool, too.
Also, (as expected) the bad ending is sad as well. But, I was curious, and checked the gallery. And the pictures -- those are the coolest part of all.

It's a neat reminder: Haru might've found the events of the game terrible, and the day after might be as dreadful, but the future still exists.
So maybe, just maybe...

Tomorrow might be better after all.

Er... I'm not trying to say that the issues presented are simple, or that life is easy. But, I really like the game. So... thanks! And I hope you have a good day!

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