one night, hot springs: 1-year postmortem

hi, it's been one year since i released one night, hot springs.

i was actually so afraid to release this game that one year ago that when i published this game on, i turned off my phone because i didn't want to see what people were saying. this game was really hard for me to make and i was scared that everyone wouldn't see haru, manami and erika the way they deserved to be.

overall though, everyone has been kind and the response has been overwhelming. i really appreciate everyone who has played, everyone who has streamed, everyone who has posted reviews, everyone who has commented publicly, everyone who has sent me private messages sharing their own personal experiences - it has been really interesting seeing how everyone relates to the game, and it means a lot to me that so many people can relate to haru. 

i hope that you all have friends like haru does that support you and that the world is a kinder place to you tomorrow than it is today. 

thank you for playing one night, hot springs!

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The game is wonderfull, thank you!



thank you for a wonderful game!


Thank you!!


Thank you for sharing your game with us!