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10/10 게임 좋아요 ^^



I love the soundtrack, and the art style, and the story, and..... 


I wish it were longer, or you could see the date with the barista at the tea place, because that would be adorable. 


i want to download  the soundtrack of the game :(((

its absolutely lovely <<<333

your games are the best my personal favorite was don't turn of the lights <3 or the hot springs one!! 

i wanna download this






Wow It really taked me long enough to get the second ending It was simple but I couldnt just figure out that I could click to talk....

How the hell do you get the second ending? I can't and there are enough attempts I've made

If you haven't figured it out yet- just click the barista while he's standing there

This game is really cute and i love both endings :)

Cute little game~


This is too sweet it's giving me cavities!

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This game is really sweet!

But.. where does it shows the endings?

Well, i guess the one is that he never came and the other is that he came.. sometime.


This was such a cute experience! I was invested in getting that good ending! 

VERY cleaver, wowww! I can't quite put it into words, still beaming from enjoying such a quick play, but this was an extra special treat I can tell. 5/5


I love it! As always your characters are full of life! Your style of making games is impeccable!

Pretty epic game


it tok me so long to get the good ending but it was very cute i really enjoyed it!

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I really enjoyed this game! Loved the characters and the atmosphere/music. It took me a couple tries but I got to the ending where they go out to talk and it made me super happy <3

Very cute lil game <3333

This was sooo cute!


Super cute and simple! This is a great game to just casually do and I really enjoyed the plot! Both characters are absolutely adorable and I really related to to the main character. Thank you creator for making such a simple but perfect game <3


Since rating text doesn't show on itch, here's a little review!

This is such a cute game, and the awkwardness of the main character resonated with me entirely too much. :-D I love when a game is small and does exactly what it's intending to do, no cruft. That's something npckc is great at.


I love how polite the barista is.. ;-; 

I'm curious, the barista is a girl or a boy? 


thanks for playing! (: the barista is a man. 


I played this while drinking tea and it was so chill. Very good game, love the characters! Thanks for the good play!

So cute!


Wonderful art, and super cute premise. Your games are always a pleasure! The guy from the bar totally missed out, tbh.

So adorable with a very good art direction.


how many endings are there?


I really like this game! Kind of short (If you use the Tomato Garden game well) and is a game I usually play when I'm bored. Very calming.

my mind isn't working so (sorry if i look like i'm bragging)

this game was so adorable and made me smile!


The design of the game is cute, the music is very relaxing, and the story is sweet (even if the premise might be a bit of a bummer). It took me a bit on the first run to understand what the tomato garden was for (this game may have told me I'm a little impatient, haha), but it was a fun addition and can eat up a surprising amount of wait time (like cookie clicker, but with less corporate mayhem, and more fertilizer).

Found this game after downloading everything npckc has available in the play store... if you enjoyed any of their other games, I'm positive you'll love this one no less (and vise versa)! 10/10, and my interest is really peaked about barista's story...


10 tomatoes out of 10. Although I very much want to know how the barista came into ownership of the shop.

a very cute game!

This was gorgeous

wow game is so amazing


The barista is really polite. I would go there to drink some cups of coffee too, even though I don't like coffee.


God dammit, I really wanted to hear the story that the barista was going to tell.


aww the cat barista is really cute ♥ 고양이 바리스타 너무 귀여워요오

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