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languages: english / 日本語 / español  (américa latina) / italiano / 한국어


you met a guy last night. no, you don't know his name. you have his number though, saved as "guy from bar". you don't have high hopes, but he asks you out for drinks... 

so you decide to go to PENGUIN CAFE, a little coffee shop that you've thought about going to before (but just didn't have the courage to go alone).

too bad the guy never shows up and you're stuck there alone anyway. at least the barista is cute.


PENGUIN CAFE is a short visual novel about that weird in-between time where you're not sure whether your date is going to show up or not... and then that awkward time afterwards when you're sure your date isn't going to show up but you've already ordered a coffee so you just stare at your phone a lot and keep checking your messages.

play time is ~10 minutes.

the game is free, but if you pay $2 or more, you can support me in my game-making adventures & also receive the piano sheet music for the song used in the game! 

made for coffee jam/yaoi jam 2018.

collab keychains with furoshiki labo are also available HERE!



story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi  
translation by KyleHeren (ko), Kattus (esla), DANIELE MELONZ (it)


other things i've worked on can be found here! you can comment right here or on twitter with your thoughts. 

if you like my work and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee  or check out my patreon


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penguin-cafe-win.zip 23 MB
Version 1.04
coffeegame-1.04-linux.tar.bz2 27 MB
Version 1.04
penguin-cafe-osx.zip 22 MB
Version 1.04
sheet music: PENGUIN_CAFE.pdf 36 kB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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I love how polite the barista is.. ;-; 

I'm curious, the barista is a girl or a boy? 


thanks for playing! (: the barista is a man. 


I played this while drinking tea and it was so chill. Very good game, love the characters! Thanks for the good play!

So cute!


Wonderful art, and super cute premise. Your games are always a pleasure! The guy from the bar totally missed out, tbh.

So adorable with a very good art direction.


how many endings are there?


I really like this game! Kind of short (If you use the Tomato Garden game well) and is a game I usually play when I'm bored. Very calming.

my mind isn't working so (sorry if i look like i'm bragging)

this game was so adorable and made me smile!


The design of the game is cute, the music is very relaxing, and the story is sweet (even if the premise might be a bit of a bummer). It took me a bit on the first run to understand what the tomato garden was for (this game may have told me I'm a little impatient, haha), but it was a fun addition and can eat up a surprising amount of wait time (like cookie clicker, but with less corporate mayhem, and more fertilizer).

Found this game after downloading everything npckc has available in the play store... if you enjoyed any of their other games, I'm positive you'll love this one no less (and vise versa)! 10/10, and my interest is really peaked about barista's story...


10 tomatoes out of 10. Although I very much want to know how the barista came into ownership of the shop.

a very cute game!

This was gorgeous

wow game is so amazing

The barista is really polite. I would go there to drink some cups of coffee too, even though I don't like coffee.


God dammit, I really wanted to hear the story that the barista was going to tell.


aww the cat barista is really cute ♥ 고양이 바리스타 너무 귀여워요오


This game was so cute and gave me this soft vibe UGH IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! The designs were cute and simple and tomato clicker i could play for hours straight without blinking

This was such a soft and cute game, I really liked it a lot! You did a great job, it was so calming and heartwarming.


Your game start at the 5 minute mark :). Nice little story, though there was so much tomato clicking I almost didn't know how story there was XD. I look forward to your other project though!

Really enjoyed this game! [Review below]


This was so cute!!!! I found it very relateable and the addition of the tomato clicker app during the waiting sections was a really clever way to show the passage of time. The barista was super cute and the ending  was sweet. Thank you so much for this wonderful game!!

thank you! the tomato clicker was something i was worried about since i thought maybe it would seem completely out of the blue, so i'm glad it worked for you (:

So cute and charming!

So cute! Great game!

Amazing game. Had tons of fun! Great story and great ending. Really good system of letting the player wait to actually get into the shoes of the character. Huge game <3

Just stumbled upon this and it was just lovely. Looking forward to whatever you do next!


Very stylish game and I enjoyed playing it, it has a nice atmosphere. While the setting is simple, it's interesting to see where the story goes. The Tomato Garden clicker game is a curious addition, I guess it's supposedly in your phone. It follows a real life situation well - you check messages and casually play something while waiting how things turn out. If there's a fault to point out, it's that the text in non-highlighted buttons may be difficult to read.

I'd be glad to invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Hey npckc! When I got the email that you had uploaded a new game, I got super excited! I didn't make a video this time, but I wanted to let you know that I played the game and it was super sweet. Actually, I'd like to admit that I was having a bit of a panic attack due to my own anxiety problems and such, but playing your game made me feel so much better! That's the charm of all your games to me, they all touch on things I can relate to. Gameplay wise, I really do love the..."mechanic" with this game of making the player wait. It does a good job of putting the player in the shoes of the character. I really enjoy it because it's very unconventional. Actually making the player wait for something that may or may not happen is a great story-telling device. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the next one! Keep up the great work as always!


hey, are you doing ok? i'm really happy to know that playing my game made you feel better, but i hope you have somebody like a friend/family member/counsellor to talk to! your support is always appreciated but please make sure that you take care of yourself first and foremost.


I'm doing great now, thanks for asking!


this is the cutest thing ever and the music is just so relaxing I want to listen to it every night. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!


Soooo cute!The barista is such a sweet heart.Great work! :)

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[...] :)




That was really cute! I love all your VNs and can't wait for you to make more!