1st anniversary update for a pet shop after dark!

hello! it's the first anniversary of a pet shop after dark so i have a special first anniversary update for you...

  • new basque, european spanish and traditional chinese translations, along with revisions to previous translations
  • qol updates like you can now knock on a door many times to proceed through a certain section faster (though you can still wait like previously), changing it so that you can only input numbers into the telephone, and other puzzle revisions
  • a couple of silly extras because that’s what anniversaries are for right? (Check OPTIONS…)

for a bit of a personal story, i actually quit my job to become a full-time indie game dev starting this april, and a big part of why i could do that was because of this game… (or it's sales on steam, at least! to be honest, it has sold a lot more on steam than on itch.io. but this game only came about because i originally made a much smaller version of it for a game jam a few years ago on itch.io, so without itch.io, i wouldn't have been able to release it on steam.)

this game is made just by me and the composer who wrote the music, along with the translators who helped make it possible for more people to play in different languages. (sometimes i get emails addressed to ‘your company’ or ‘the npckc team’ but literally it’s just me in my living room making games on a laptop that overheats playing videos…)

so i just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who’s played this game - it’s changed the course of my life and it’s just been really exciting for me seeing so many people enjoy it across the world just playing on their own or with friends or streaming to share with others!

in short...



apetshopafterdark-1.03-linux.tar.bz2 68 MB
Version 1.03 Aug 30, 2023
a-pet-shop-after-dark-osx.zip 84 MB
Version 1.03 Aug 30, 2023
a-pet-shop-after-dark-win.zip 78 MB
Version 1.03 Aug 30, 2023

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Congratulation and happy anniversary !

thank you! 🔎

Happy anniversary! And good luck with any future games you make, because I am certainly looking forward to them! ^w^


thank you! (:

Congratulations! More power to you!

💪 thank you!

Congrats on the 1st anniversary!  Thank you for making game for us to play.  

thank you for playing! 👀